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Our Mission


What is spoken gospel?

Spoken Gospel is a non-profit digital media ministry committed to fostering transformative Bible engagement by producing creative videos that help people see and savor the good news of Jesus on every page of the Bible.

All our resources are free! What our small team makes is supported by the generosity of people who believe in our mission and enjoy what we are making.

A lot of people find the Bible unengaging. They know they should read it, but aren’t motivated to engage.

We believe the only path to transformative Bible engagement is to see Jesus and his gospel wherever you are in the story. Jesus taught that he can be seen on every page of the Bible. Only by seeing the light of the Gospel in the face of Jesus can we be transformed into his image (2 Cor. 3:18, 4:6).

It is our goal to make a video introduction to every book of the Bible, using spoken word poetry to tell the story. We want each introduction to show the main themes of every book and how those themes are fulfilled in Jesus.

We also want to help people engage with every corner of the Bible in a transformative way. To that end, we are making Christ-centered devotionals and podcasts that cover every chapter of the Bible.

The Gospel changes things. Through our resources, we hope to create growing, deepening, and transforming Bible engagement that reshapes individuals, churches, and cultures with the Gospel. And we hope that you will join us in that mission.



Short creative videos that use spoken word poetry to introduce each book of the bible, showing its main theme and how it is fulfilled in Jesus.


Brief field guides through every passage of scripture that explain each chapter within its context and how it reveals more about the good news of Jesus. Available in audio, video, and written form.


Deeper dives into how the big ideas presented by every book of the Bible find their climax in Jesus.

Meet the Team

David Bowden, Founder

David is the Founder and President of Spoken Gospel. David writes and performs all the poems in the introductions, writes devotionals, and co-hosts the Spoken Gospel Podcast. He has a BA in Bible and Biblical Languages and an MA in Theology (Winter 2020). David is the author of “When God Isn’t There” and “Rewire Your Heart.”

Eric Smith, Executive Director

Eric wears approximately 216 hats in his leadership of Spoken Gospel. He directs operations, marketing, and community engagement. Eric holds a BS in Business Marketing and an MBA. He hails from Roswell, NM so we are all pretty sure he’s an alien.

Drew Chancey, Director of Production

Drew is the swiss army knife of all things video. Drew is responsible for storyboards, filming, editing, and scoring all our videos. He has a BA focused on Bible and Marketing which, couples with his 12 years of film experience, makes him taylormade for this job.

Seth Stewart, Director of Content

Seth is a missionary kid who did a lot of his growing up in Scotland. He has a heart for helping people treasure Jesus within the everyday stuff of life. Seth got his undergraduate degree in Political Science. Seth is the co-host of the Spoken Gospel Podcast and oversees the production, voice, and direction of all Spoken Gospel content.

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