Anxiety and Sharing Your FaithAnxiety and Sharing Your Faith

Anxiety and Sharing Your Faith

Practical steps to move forward

Feeling Anxious? You're in Good Company

If talking about your beliefs fills you with dread, you're not alone. Admittedly, we believe in something strange. We believe a Jewish man, 2000 years ago, rose from the dead and is now our King! It’s common to fear being rejected, judged, and misunderstood for believing in Jesus. 

Understanding Your Anxiety

All of us are afraid of telling others about Jesus for different reasons. Some worry about how others will react. Some of us might live in a dangerous country where talking about Jesus is illegal. Some are anxious they will be called “stupid” or “backward.” Thankfully, the Bible is filled with stories of anxious and fearful people like us. Moses hesitated to tell Pharaoh the good news that God was setting his people free. But God didn’t punish Moses for his fear; he comforted him. He told Moses he would always be with him (Exodus 3-4).

God is with Us in Anxiety and Fear

If you feel anxious about telling others about Jesus, remember that God is with you (Exodus 3-4). When you feel nervous around non-believers, remember that Jesus is always praying for you (Romans 8:34). When confronted by friends or authority figures about your faith, Jesus promises that his Holy Spirit will give you the words you need to say (Luke 12:11-12). If you feel anxious, remember that God is with you! 

Practical Steps to Move Forward

1. Pray for Courage: Ask God to give you the boldness to share your faith, just as he did for early Christians facing persecution.

2. Start Small: Sharing your faith doesn't have to begin with a street-corner sermon. It can be as simple as posting a meaningful Bible verse on social media or sharing a Christian article or video.

3. Lean on Community: You're not meant to face your fears alone. Tell someone with your church or small group about your struggles.

How Spoken Gospel Can Help

We understand that taking the first step in sharing your faith can be intimidating. That’s why we create thought-provoking videos, Bible reading plans, and podcasts designed to help you know your Bible better and have conversations about Jesus more confidently.

At Spoken Gospel, we share the Gospel every day with people around the world. You can start sharing the Gospel by helping us fulfill our mission. By becoming a monthly or one-time donor, you become a partner and fellow worker with us in sharing the good news of Jesus (3 John 8). Consider becoming a fellow worker with us by giving today.

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