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Your giving helps people meet Jesus in the Bible.

You make our mission possible. Spoken Gospel is a donor-funded nonprofit. Your support helps people everywhere read their Bible differently so their lives can be changed.

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Your giving changes lives.

“I LOVE your videos!I am reading the Bible for the first time as a new Christian and after each chapter I look up your videos for a better understanding of what I’ve just read!! They have been a tremendous help to me! Keep up the fantastic work!”


“I never thought the Bible was beautiful. To me it was full of struggle, confusion, and frustration. But Spoken Gospel has helped me start to see, for the first time, how beautiful the Bible is.”


“I absolutely love how you guys always connect everything to the Gospel and to Christ. I’ve just recently started to rekindle my faith in Christ and this organization has been such an encouragement in my newfound love for Christ. Keep on doing what y’all are doing!”


“I was struggling to read Leviticus and was so frustrated that I couldn't understand what was happening. Then I started listening to your podcasts, and wow— that changed so much for me. There have been a few times I have been in tears when listening to your reflections on how it all points to Jesus. I often find theology quite hard, but your content just hits the spot in a moving and biblically accurate way.”


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No one ever pays for Spoken Gospel’s resources. Because people like you have made it free for them. We take that generosity very seriously.

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Your monthly support changes more lives. Monthly giving provides the reliable support we need to research, create, and distribute our free resources to more people year after year. Join our community of monthly supporters — called Gospel Patrons — and get monthly updates and the Bible Bookmark.

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