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Reading the Bible is hard. You want to get more out of reading it, but it’s easy to get stuck. You are not alone.

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The Bible tells the story of a man stuck on a hard Old Testament passage. He wants more out of it but can’t understand what he is reading (Acts 8:30-31).
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That’s because he was missing the point. He didn’t know who the passage was about, so it couldn’t change his life (Acts 8:34).
He needed a teacher to show him a different way to read the Bible. He needed to see how the passage was about Jesus.
But then, a teacher came alongside him. He explained how the passage pointed to Jesus and the Gospel (Acts 8:35).
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When the teacher showed him a different way to read the Bible, his life changed (Acts 8:36).
You can read the Bible differently, too. At Spoken Gospel, we come alongside you to explain what you’re reading and how it points to:
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You can experience Jesus in the laws and sacrifices.
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You can meet Jesus in the Bible's strangest stories.
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You can read your Bible differently by seeing Jesus in all of it.
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And when you encounter Jesus on every page of the Bible…
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Your life will be changed.
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When you behold Jesus, you become like Jesus (2 Cor. 3:18)
Change the way you read your Bible. Change your life.
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Understand any book in 10 minutes. Experience Jesus in every book of the Bible. Our introduction videos will show you how to read any book and see Jesus clearly.

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Make every chapter matter. There is something for you in every chapter of the Bible. Our short devotionals will explain each chapter and how to experience Jesus in it.

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Have deep conversations about the Bible. Our podcast will invite you into meaningful discussions about every part of Scripture and how Jesus changes the way we read it.

Seeing Jesus changes lives.

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